TV Journey Budget Savy Travel Essentials List for Vacation

Travel Essentials List for VacationTravel Essentials List for Vacation

It’s no secret that almost every traveler has his own list of essentials.

The interesting thing is that whether you are traveling for a long time or just relaxing on weekends from time to time, chances are there are a lot of the same things in your suitcases.

Clothes, equipment, smartphone with cards and applications, passports, luggage and cash are quite versatile equipment when you leave home and decide to explore this big world.

We did year-long trips, as well as overnight stays and everything in between, so it’s almost funny that our list of things to take on a trip doesn’t change much. Of course, if we go somewhere warm or cold, our equipment will be different.

Depending on our schedule, the amount we bring increases or decreases, but the actual needs that we take with us remain approximately the same, no matter when or where we go.

How to travel just to continue

Your needs and ours don’t always match, but that’s OKAY. I hope this article gives you some ideas for your next adventure!

If you think we have forgotten something important, feel free to remind us below.


Yes, good Google maps for me are the most important travel application. No matter where I go, I will preload the destination map offline. I even have preloaded offline maps when I’m in my hometown.

Why? Because you will never be sure that your Phone will disconnect from data transfer and the Internet.

Whether you’re paying for a super-valuable data connection from your domestic provider abroad, using a local SIM card in the country you’re visiting, or even using one of the many Wi-Fi data hotspots, the only thing you can rely on is an offline card.

Do you prefer paper cards? That’s fine, but on a paper map you will not find a highly rated Italian Restaurant and you will learn how to get from point A to point B so easily. If you prefer an alternative to Google Maps, choose something that you are comfortable with, but the offline maps application line is a must-have travel application.


have you ever used a VPN? Until a few years ago, we didn’t do it either, but as the world changes, we all have to.

Why should you use it? Well, if you imagine that your Internet connection is a 255-hole pipe, then a travel VPN is a private pipe in that pipe that ensures that everything you send, do, or watch stays between you and your endpoints.

Without a VPN, once you connect to public Wi-Fi or cellular data, anyone from attackers and governments to data providers and Wi-Fi can track your movements and even capture some of your data. While you may not care who sees the funny photo of your Uncle Frank with a parrot on his head, you definitely don’t want anyone to see your bank passwords, access your email, take control of your social media accounts. It’s a sad reality, but it’s still a reality.


While you may think that the Google Translate app will only help you if you are abroad, I think I use Google Translate almost as often as at home. With instant translation of almost any language, you can use camera mode to TRANSLATE Menus, posters, brochures, instructions and more in real time. It’s like magic, I swear!

It will even allow you to TRANSLATE spoken conversations as they are pronounced. It certainly helps to remove language barriers and is a useful tool for learning greetings in another language, which can give you better offers and even make you more friendly with locals.


One of the most important documents that we never leave home is our passport.

While you probably won’t need your passport if you plan to stay in your home country or drive a few hours from home, we decided that taking our passports with us every time we move is just smart planning. This mentality actually saved us a couple of times when the opportunity to go to another country opened up when we were already on our way, heading somewhere else.

While most of you probably have nothing to worry about, we also live just a few hours from the US border. Several times it happened that we decided to drive a little further than planned and headed to the southern United States, which means that we still needed our packing list for the summer trip. Without our passports, that would not be possible.


As the old secret says, what does the poor man need, what does the rich man need, and everyone else wants more? Money, of course.

While solid currency goes the way of the dodo in many countries these days, cash is still king in many parts of the world. While we usually don’t have a lot of money with us when we are at home in Canada, we make sure to take a few hundred with us when we travel. From taxis to ice cream vendors, having a little cash makes it easier.


That’s where things can get complicated. Underwear is necessary for everyone, but who wears trousers? Isn’t everyone wearing shorts, a dress and a swimsuit and clinging to the edge of the pool or the ocean? Wait, right? Okay, that’s when you have to go to your destination.

A good rule of thumb is to wear several pairs of pants every day, shorts (if the weather is hot and you like to wear shorts) and anything suitable. It is preferable to wear something black or beige, as it can be combined with almost anything, but I will not give you fashion advice. You know what you like, so run with this, whether it’s a flowing linen dress, a military surplus for travel, or both.


Like trousers, shirts should be chosen specifically for their destination. If you like to wear Hawaiian shirts, go ahead. If you like T-shirts better, pack for five days, but be sure to take at least one nicer shirt in matter you go a little further up the food chain.

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